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10th class books pdf download 2022

On this page, you can download the 10th-class books free download English Medium and Urdu Medium and read them online, and share them with your friends who want to download Urdu Novels. We provide all types of Test preparation books Urdu Novels and History novels free of cost to everyone. If you want to get all the latest Urdu novels to visit our official blog website and share with friends via social media accounts. Our main aim is to create a website to educate people about the history of Pakistan and the real history of Islam.

Punjab textbook board 10th class books Download in PDF

Are you Looking for 10th-class books in free download in PDF format you come to the best Place Here we provide you all 10th-class books in one place by the Punjab textbook board? If you want to download all other books will be available at class Urdu Medium books and English Medium Books are all available for free. All interested people download all books in pdf and also share my blog with friends and family members to spread knowledge in Pakistan.


We hope you like and share the Islamic post- 10th Class Books Free Download Urdu Mediums and English Mediums and share them with your friends who are interested to read and download all types of study Books in one place. We provide various types of Islamic books, History Books, History Novels, Urdu Novels, Islamic Novels, and Imran Series. All interested people visit our official blog website and share it with your friends.

Here Are 25 Books Issue By Punjab Text Book Board Lahore

1. Math (Science) English Medium

2. Math (Science) Urdu Medium 

3. General Math (UM) 2020

4. General Math (EM) 2020

5. Physics (EM)

6. Chemistry (EM)

7. Biology (UM) 2020

8. Biology (EM) 2020

9. Computer Science (EM)

10. Computer Science (UM)

11. Home Economics

12.Ghiza aur ghizaiyat

13. Parcha Bafi (Textile and clothing)

14. Math (Sc) UM

15. Urdu (Compulsory)

16. PNB Computer (EM)

17. PNB Computer (UM)

18. Pakistan Studies (UM) 2020

19. Pakistan Studies (EM) 2020

20. Chemistry (UM) 2020

21. Chemistry (EM) 2020

22. Physics (UM)

23. Biology (UM)

24. Urdu 2020

25. English 2020

10th class books free download English 

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