End Of The Time Complete Book Download in PDF Written By Dr.Shahid Masood


End of Time Download Dr. Shahid Masood

End of The time download in pdf. In this program, Shahid Masood talked about the situation of the future day. He talked about 

Armajdun and the Mahdi. He described the Antichrist and his followers. Shahid also discussed the scenario of the Indian invasion, which was predicted by the Prophet of Islam. Dr. Shahid Masood used authoritative references and ethical research. I hope you like the end of the book Urdu PDF and share it with your friends.

Dr. Shahid Masood is a well-known media anchorperson and political analyst. He hosts popular TV talk shows and interviews. Shahid Masood worked for some time as the head of Pakistan's state-run TV channel.

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