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Most Popular Scientist in History Of Pakistan

Popular Scientist in History Of Pakistan Any backward nation that wants to be a powerful and developed nation should do research in science and technology. If you think you are far behind other countries then think again. Because in this book your thinking will change and you will appreciate the efforts and achievements of eminent scientists of our country.

You will find the contributions of Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan, Dr. Samar Mubarak, Dr. Rafi Muhammad Chaudhry, Dr. Tahir Hussain, Dr. Munir Khan, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Dr. Khalil Baig, Dr. Mudassir Ali Baig. Dr. Abdul Salam, Dr. Nazir Ahmed, and many more. It is a complete package full of information about Pakistan's nuclear scientists, physical scientists, chemical scientists, bioscientists, agricultural scientists, and computer scientists.

Holy Quran also teaches us about science in very depth. Therefore, Muslims need to think and research and they can be guided by the verses of the Holy Qur'an.

Pakistan became an atomic country on May 28, 1998, and made its name in history. On that day, Pakistan tested five atomic bombs on Chaghi in the Balochistan district. Two days later, the sixth atomic bomb was tested and Pakistan became the seventh nuclear power in the world. Apart from Pakistan, the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, and India are the only countries that have nuclear power.

If a person has a keen interest in discovering the mysteries of this universe, he should be a scientist. It's the only way he can write questions, research, and discover results. Today, the term scientist has become more widespread than ever. No specific field of science in history was conceived as chemistry, biology, or physics. Nowadays, if you want to be a scientist, you have to choose your field.

If you're wondering what the greatest discovery of the 20th century was, you'll probably know. Einstein's theory of relativity was a major discovery of the 20th century. Einstein's theory has solved many of the problems facing many scientists.

The world has never been like this. Science has shaped this world. If you apply scientific principles to the world and the universe, then everything changes. You discover new things like flying jets, space rockets, skyscrapers, artificial hearts, and problem-solving computers. All these discoveries were made possible by the knowledge of science.

You can play with science in any way, positive or negative. But you have to understand science in a positive way. Also, you have to understand what scientists want from all these discoveries and inventions. Positive study of science is the only way for humanity to progress.

A scientist works primarily on events of interest to him. They form a theory about this event. He tests his theory through various experiments. A scientist tries to find the cause of a particular event. A scientist keeps repeating an experiment, then a small part of the result changes. This small change is so great for scientists that they discover new things or objects. If this experiment is repeated by other scientists and the result remains the same, it is called discovery.

All scientists produce their research journals. And when he makes a new discovery, he presents his journal internationally. The study has been published internationally and the discovery has been made public. These are the big questions the scientist asked himself. what's this? how it is possible? And why does that happen?

This is a small piece of information translated from this book. If you want to read the book of famous scientists of Pakistan in full.

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Popular Scientist in History Of Pakistan

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