Mastering Urdu Inpage Step By Step Guide Download in PDF Read Online


Mastring Urdu Inpage download in pdf

This is a tutorial book for in-page software. InPage Urdu software is a unique software with the help of which you can write Urdu, Arabic, Sindhi, Persian, English, Kashmiri, and Punjabi languages. You can write your documents and format them in any language and save them on a computer or send them to a website.

In this instructional book, everything is arranged according to a given schedule. Therefore, you can complete each lesson according to the given schedule. You can also set your own daily schedule for learning lessons.

inpage Urdu book free download In the final section, there is a bonus section with which you will learn the basic elements of the Corel Draw program. I think if you are not able to use Corel Draw software then this bonus section will be very valuable for you.

Read this mastering in-page Urdu step by step tutorial book online. With the link provided, you can also download Mastering In Page Urdu step by step book.

We Cover Following Topics in This Book:

  • install Inpage Urdu Software
  • run Inpage Urdu
  • make a shortcut of Inpage Urdu on desktop
  • What are the main screen elements of Inpage Urdu
  • Tools boxes and their use
  • How to set keyboard layout for Inpage
  • How to insert images in Inpage
  • Setting up Ribbons, Guides, and Objects
  • Formatting documents made by Inpage Urdu
  • Setting up font colors, alignment, space, styles,
  • How to use story-editor
  • Compose letters
  • Checking spellings
  • Making and formatting tables in Inpage Urdu
  • How to write Urdu poetry
  • How to set up the layout to write Urdu poetry in Inpgae Urdu

Download in PDF Urdu Inpage

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Urdu inpage books free download pdf read online

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