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Ashfaq Ahmed Part 1,2,3 This best Urdu book Zavia was written by Ashfaq Ahmed. Ashfaq Ahmad was a famous Urdu writer from Pakistan (1925-2004). He wrote many moral books to enhance one's personality and inner self. His writings include novels and storybooks.

Ashfaq Ahmed was born on August 22, 1925, in Muscat, Punjab (Indo-Pakistan), and died on September 7, 2004, in Lahore, Pakistan at the age of 79. His wife Bano Qudsia was also a popular Urdu writer 

Here you can download or read Ashfaq Ahmed's interesting Urdu book "Zaavia Complete Book for free. This book is about interesting moral stories about Pakistani society.

Ashfaq Ahmed always writes that it is important. Ashfaq Ahmed has about 27 different stories. Pakistani people love his writings, stories, and events. He writes in a beautiful way that keeps readers reading.

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