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Nabuwat K Jhoothe Dawedar  pdf free download

About Author & Book:

Nabuwat K Jhoothe Dawedar is written by Zia Tasneem, She describes the liar of Muslim history as those who called themselves prophets. The series of false prophethood began in the life of the Prophet of Islam  Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW)and continued for many days.

Muslima Kazab was the first person to come up with a false prophecy. In the subcontinent, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani claimed prophethood. These days, other people also mention his dominance on social media sites. This book contains all the details of these false prophets.

Zia Tasneem Bulgrami is a well-known author and biographer who writes for Urdu digests and magazines. In his illustrious writing career, he wrote biographies of prophets, saints, and some other important figures in history. Meanwhile, Zia Tasneem Bulgrami became famous for her unique but straightforward style of writing.

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Nabuwat K Jhoothe Dawedar pdf download

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Nabuwat K Jhoothe Dawedar Novel pdf download

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Nabuwat K Jhoothe Dawedar Novel pdf free download

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