Bloody Game Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem PDF 


Bloody Game Imran Series Pdf Download 

About the Author and Novel:

Bloody Game Imran Series is written by Mazhar Kaleem. This Imran series is a part of Mazhar Kaleem which has a suspense, action, and thriller story. The author describes the destruction of ozone and its misuse by a scientist.

The mission began when a scientist decided to act as a proxy for Pakistan's enemies. He planned to destroy Pak Asia with the help of harmful rays passing through the ozone layer. Ali Imran and his team conducted an operation against the enemy and thwarted their plan.

Mazhar Kaleem MA was a legendary Urdu novelist and a top novelist. In his long writing career, he wrote hundreds of short stories and novels that were well-received. Meanwhile, Mazhar gained fame from action books like the Imran series.

Bloody Game Imran Series

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Bloody Game Imran Series Download

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