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Red Spider Imran Series Download Pdf

About The Book and Author:

The Red Spider Imran Series is written by Zaheer Ahmed. It is an action, thrill, and suspense story that tells the success of Ali Imran and his team. He fought and defeated two Israeli intelligence agencies. This book is a part of the Imran series Zaheer Ahmed which got a lot of acceptance.

The Red Spider described a conspiracy by Jews who wanted to destroy Pakistan and set up a missile station for that purpose. When Ali Imran found out, he planned to attack. He carried out an undercover operation and destroyed it. He later called the Israeli prime minister and warned him to refrain from such actions.

Zaheer Ahmed is a well-known Urdu novelist and a top novelist. He began his career writing for children in digests and later turned his attention to action novels. He wrote the Imran series which gained a lot of popularity.

Red Spider Imran Series

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Red Spider Imran Series Download Pdf:

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Red Spider Imran Series Download

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