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Seerat Un Nabi Complete Pdf Free Download Read Online

 Seerat Un Nabi Complete by Shibli Nomani PDF Free Download 


Seerat un Nabi complete PDF Free Download

About Author & Book:

Seerat Un Nabi Complete was written by Shibli Nomani. Seerat Un Nabi book contains the history, events, battles, virtues, and prayers of the life of Prophet Muhammad. Many books are available on Sira of the Prophet (peace be upon him). But this book is one of the best books on the history of Islam and the Prophet (SAWW).

Shibli Nomani was a famous Islamic scholar from the Indian subcontinent during the British Raj. He was born on June 3, 1857, in India at Bindwal in the Azamgarh district of present-day  Uttar Pradesh. He established Shibli National College in 1883, and  Darul Mussanifin belongs to the Deobandi school of thought. He was a good scholar in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.

He was a great poet and belonged to a Muslim Rajput family. Shibli Nomani teacher was  Maulana Muhammad Farooq Chirayakoti. He wrote many famous Islamic history books, such as Sirat-un-Nab, Sirat an-Numan, Al-Faruq, Al-Mamun, Al-Ghazali, Imam Ibn-e-Tamia, Mawlana Rumi, and Aurangzeb. He died on 18 November 1914 at (aged 57).

He worked as a teacher to teach Arabic and Persian in Aligarh for sixteen years. In Aligarh, he met with Thomas Arnold and other famous British Scholars. He also travelled with Thomas Arnold to visit Egypt, Syria, the Ottoman Empire, and many other countries.

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Seerat un Nabi in Urdu pdf by Shibli Nomani free download

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Seerat Un Nabi Complete pdf free download Read Online

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Seerat Un Nabi Volume 5

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Seerat Un Nabi Complete pdf download free

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