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Hajjaj bin Yusuf History Urdu Pdf Download Free Read Online

 Hajjaj Bin Yusuf History Urdu Pdf by Aslam Rahi MA 

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf History Urdu pdf

Hajjaj bin Yusuf story in Urdu

About Author & Book:

Hajjaj bin Yusuf history urdu pdf is written by Aslam Rahi MA. This is one of the best historical works of Aslam Rahi. In this novel, the author describes the deeds and life events of Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf. He was a tyrant and controversial figure in Islamic history. So he got the address of Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Thaqifi.

Hajjaj bin Yusuf was a brave military leader. He led an army campaign against Abdullah bin Zubair. Pilgrims captured Mecca, the holy city in the Muslim world. Meanwhile, the Hajjaj attacked the Kaaba and prevented the Muslims from Tawaf of the Bait Ul Alla. Hajjaj killed 100 Muslims in Haram Sharif. He brutally killed Abdullah bin Zubair in front of Baitullah.

Hajjaj ibn Yusuf is closely related to the Umayyad king Walid ibn Abdul Malik. So, he appointed Hajjaj as the governor of Iraq. He was also given the responsibility of India and Central Asia. The Hajjaj patronized great Muslim commanders like Qutayba bin Muslim, Musa bin Nasir, Muhammad bin Qasim, and Tariq bin Ziad.

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Hajjaj bin yusuf in urdu pdf

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Hajjaj bin Yusuf history in urdu pdf

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Hajjaj bin Yusuf history by Aslam Rahi MA  

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