Mashaikh E Naqshbandia By Noor Bakhsh Tawakli

Mashaikh E Naqshbandia Pdf

Mashaikh E Naqshbandia Urdu Pdf Download

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About the Author and Book

Mashaikh E Naqshbandia is written by Allama Noor Bakhsh Tawakli. The author wants to discuss in detail the life history and biography and teachings of the Naqshbandi school of thought saints. He also mentioned the success stories of Mashaikh E Naqshbandia in detail.

Allama Noor Bakhsh Tawakli:

Noor Bakhsh Tawakli was a great schloar of islam of Naqshbandi order.He wrote many books about Islam and about the Holy Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). He wrote the famous book  Seerat Rasool e Arabi about the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (saw) Noor Bakhsh Tawakli belonged to Barelvi Fiqa. He got a lot of fame from his most popular book Mashaikh E Naqshbandia.

Mashaikh E Naqshbandia Pdf

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Mashaikh E Naqshbandia by Noor Bakhsh Tawakli

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