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Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

For those of you who want to earn money online without investment, the easiest method you can earn through this is blogging.

Blogging is a trusted online earning platform for you without spending any money. I started blogging five years ago and those who want to earn money from blogging can succeed if they work hard.

If you want to create a free blog on Google then the best platform for Blogspot is a free platform you can create a blog for free and earn money online With the help of Google Adsense.

In this post, we will share with you the complete method of how you can earn through Blogspot and how to connect the Blogspot website through Google Adsense before we start the article. Before discussing Blogspot in more detail, keep some blog support-related questions in your mind.

1. Can we use Google Adsense on the Blogspot website

Ans Of course you can use the Blogspot website with Google AdSense if you want to add a custom domain with Blogspot then it will be very good if you want to get approval for AdSense on Blogspot without a custom domain that can also be possible. But in this, you have to do a little extra work after attaching a custom domain if you publish 20 plus good articles related to your niche then you will be eligible to apply for Google AdSense if your website is without a custom domain. You must publish 30-plus articles on the BlogSpot website.

2. How much should I spend on the BlogSpot website?

You don't need money to create a website on blogspot.com, you just need to have a Gmail and internet connection, you have to search on Google blogger.com and you have to create your blog. There is a simple and easy method

3. Can I earn money from Blogger?

Ans You Can Make Money Online With Blogger There is no doubt that thousands of people are making money with Blogger, first of all, you have to work on it.

4. Can I earn $1000 from Blogspot in a month?

You can easily earn 1000 dollars in a month from your Blogspot blog if your major traffic is from countries like the USA UK Canada Dubai.

5. Is a Blogspot website good for blogging?

Blogspot Blog is a good platform for people who want to earn online without Investment

Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

If you want to create a free Blog on blogger.com then this article will be very helpful for you

Step 1.

Search by typing blogger.com on Google and the interface of blogger.com will be shown in front of you.

Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

Step 2.

If you already have a Gmail login then sign up on Blogger.com if you don't have Gmail then please create a Google account first.

Step 3.

Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

  • Click on Blogger.com and a new interface will open up
  • Choose a good name for your blog and click the Next button
  • Choose a short name for your blog related to your niche

You have to make a Unique name for your Blog on the topic you want to make your website on, if you want to make a Job-related Blog then you have to make a good favorite search for jobs that people search on Google like today's job latest job pk Jobs etc

Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

  • Now you have to enter your website name like jobswebpk Blogspot.com
  • If your website name is valid then Blogspot.com will show you the availability If your website name is not found then advise you to choose a new name.
  • If your website name is valid then you have to click save
  • Now a blog has been created on your blogSpot.com 

Step 4 Premium Template

Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

Now you need to use a good Premium BloggerTemplate to customize your Blog, have a good look, and good design, and love it because the theme is very important in website creation If Your premium Template is a good design a high chance of getting approved by Google AdSense.

Step 5 Create Important Pages

Create a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025

After installing the theme you have to create important pages like About Contacts Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Disclaimer Site Map Page

Step 6 Create a Logo Desing

Now you have to design a logo for your blog. After designing the logo you have to create a main menu which categories you want to use according to your niche if your website is related to books then Which books do you want to include such as Islamic books, Urdu books, English books, Sufism books, novels, etc.

Step 7 Create a Post

After that, you have to click on the Create Post section and create a new post related to your niche. If you want to get Google AdSense approval on your blog, you have to publish at least 20 posts with articles. Length should be a thousand plus and quality content should not be copyrighted.

Create a high-quality SEO and Human-Friendly Content

If you want to make money from your blog, then you need traffic on your blog, so for traffic, you have to publish quality content the more organic traffic your blog gets, the more clicks you will get, and the more your post indexes on Google. Google Adsense earnings will also be higher according to your traffic source.

You have to set up your blog well to earn from Google AdSense, and you have to upload quality content on it when you also get real traffic and get 500 plus organic traffic. We have to decide whether we should apply for Google AdSense or not, the more traffic we have, the better our traffic will be.

Essential SEO Tips for High-Quality Content Blogspot Blogs

Keyword Research Before Writing Articles

Before writing any article search your main keyword on Google if you have a paid tool then it will be best like Semrush Mozbar Ubersuggest and when you search your main keyword on the paid tool will tell you the relative search volume of your keyword difficulty CPC. How much revenue can be generated? Once you know these things, it will be easier for you to write articles. You should always target long-tail keywords.

Focus on One page SEO

To create a good article, you need to focus on your main keywords, also called primary keywords, in your title tag, in your content body, and at least four times according to your article Length. the image should use all tags. you must focus on Internal linking should also be externally linked. Every paragraph of your up should be short.

Do Not Publish duplicate content

You should always publish quality content on your blog and do not publish copyrighted and duplicate content. If you publish duplicate content and copyrighted content on your website, then you will face difficulties in Google Adsense approval. You should always upload quality content and your article length should be 1000 plus and it should have a Heading Subheading Title Internal Link External Link

Focus on Images for Search Engine

You should always use high-quality images in your articles. You should buy a paid tool like Canva. Get Canva Pro. You should not copy any image and publish it in your article. If you have quality images, then you know that images also drive traffic to your website and quality images are also a great source of organic traffic.

Focus on Internl and Externl Linkning

You should always use internal linking and external linking in your article. Internal linking will direct organic traffic to your own website.

External linking also plays an important role in your article. If you provide an external link to a trusted website, then Google will increase your website's authority. 

Google Adsense Eligibility Criteria

1. For Google AdSense eligibility, Your blog must be one month old 

2. You should publish 20 plus quality content articles on your blog

3. Your blog should have important pages like About Contacts Privacy Policy Disclaimer Terms and Conditions

4. You should also use social media icons on your blog and connect social media icons to your blog.

5. Your blog should not be copyrighted and should be 100 percent unique content

6. And your blog should be added to the Google search console and all the posts published should be ranked on Google.

Final Thought

By creating a blog on the Blogspot.com platform you can easily start your online earning journey, after some time you will be able to become a blogging expert and you will gradually understand all the technical terms. You will understand SEO, themes, plugins, customization, and then you will teach others

We hope that we have comprehensively guided you on Creating a Free Blog On Blogspot Earn Money Online Fast in 2025 and we have completely guided you from creating a blogspot blog to a Google Adsense approval ticket. If you think you like this article then share it with your friends so that they can earn money online by creating a free blog on Blogspot.com

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