Bahar Ul Anwar  complete Volume Urdu Download in Pdf


Bahar Ul Anwar complete Volume  Download in Pdf

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About  Bahar Al-Anwar

Bahar Ul Anwar is written by Mohammad-Baqer Majlesi known as Allama Majlisi. Mohammad-Baqer Majlesi is born in 1627 and died on March 29, 1699, in Isfahan Iran. Bahar Ul Anwar is a comprehensive Shia hadith collection, which means "Sea of Lights" in English. It was compiled by Mulla Mohammad Baqir Majlisi, an Iranian Shia scholar in the 17th century.

The collection consists of 110 volumes, comprising over 90,000 hadiths, making it one of the most extensive Shia hadith collections. The hadiths in Bahar Ul Anwar cover a broad range of topics, including theology, ethics, jurisprudence, history, and prophetic traditions.

Bahar Ul Anwar has been widely studied and referenced by Shia scholars and remains a significant resource for the Shia community. It is considered a valuable source of information for the understanding of Shia Islamic beliefs and practices.


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Bahar Ul Anwar  complete pdf Urdu    

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume I

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 2

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 3

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 4

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 5

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 6

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 7

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 8

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 9(Part 1)

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 9(2)

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 9(3)

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 10

Bahar Ul Anwar  Volume 12

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Bahar Ul Anwar Completed online reading Urdu complete in pdf


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