Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Novel Episode 1-27 written by Nida Husnain Download Pdf Free 


Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Novel Pdf Download

About Author & Book:

Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Novel is written by Nida Husnain. It is an excellent social and romantic story that is serialized in the Monthly Digest. Meanwhile, it caught the attention of readers with its first release and unique theme.

In this story, Nida Husnain tells the life of two families who had some complications in their relationship. One man's wife was greedy by nature and the other was with the man of the family. She just wanted to achieve her life's goals without caring about her husband's feelings. It endangered her life and her relationship and shattered mutual understanding.

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Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Novel free download

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Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Novel PDF Free Download

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Ishq Nagar Ke Musafir Novel Download Pdf

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