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Bara Imamia Jantri 2023 Free Download

Bara Imamia is the most famous Urdu Jantri in Pakistan. Bara Imamia is very popular in Pakistan and is being published in different cities of Pakistan. It is one of the most trusted Jantri in Pakistan. Bara Imamia jantri 2020 pdf free download.

About Bara Imamia Jantri

Bara Imamia Jantri is an annual Shia Islamic calendar and astrological almanac that is widely used by Shia Muslims, particularly in South Asia. It is published every year and contains important Shia religious events, dates, and practices, as well as astrological predictions and interpretations for the year ahead.

The Bara Imamia Jantri is named after the twelve Imams of Shia Islam, and each month of the calendar is associated with one of these Imams. The Jantri also contains information on the lunar phases, planetary movements, and other astrological phenomena.

Bara Imamia Jantri 2022

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