Pakistan kyun Toota Book Pdf By Dr Safdar Mehmood

 Pakistan kyun Toota  By Dr. Safdar Mehmood  Download Free 


Pakistan kyun Toota book 

About the Book and Author:

On this page of Pdf Free Books Pk, you can download and read online Pakistan Kyun Toota book pdf written by Dr. Safdar Mehmood. The book is a history of Pakistan in which many facts about the past have been stated. The author discusses the reasons for the secession of East Pakistan and the fall of Dhaka. He explained the role of Mujeeb, Bhutto, and Yahya Khan in the military operation.

In 1971, an uprising broke out in the eastern part of Pakistan which later turned into a civil war. The Bengali leadership won the support of India and started an open war against the Pakistani army. Meanwhile, Indian troops also entered Dhaka and Pakistanis surrendered in front of them. This book is a commentary on the overall situation.

Dr.Safdar Mahmood is a well-known historian, scholar, columnist, and author. In his long writing career, he wrote some favorite books on the history of Pakistan. 

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Pakistan kyun Toota book pdf

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Pakistan Kyun Toota book pdf Download

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Pakistan kyun Toota book pdf 

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