Saka Kara Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed Free Download PDF


Saka Kara Imran Series pdf download


Saka Kara Imran Series The Imran series is a collection of detective, mystery, and detective novels. It began in the early 1960s. But later Mazhar Kaleem took the series as a follow-up. The purpose of the novels in this series is to work with the intelligence services of different countries. In the beginning, his focus was only on crime. But, after some time, other niches were added. Other topics are crimes, social crimes, war crimes, and intelligence crimes. download Imran series pdf. 

Saka Kara Imran Series pdf ibne safi

Imran series by ibne Safi Imran Series describes how different intelligence services work and get involved in the development of different countries. They are a pillar of the country at work. In the beginning, many books were written by Ibn Safi. He started this series. His writing style was different. These books contain thrilling action suspense and mystery. This is the best series of spy novels.

Saka Kara Imran Series Free Download

Imran Series The main character of the series is Ali Imran. She has an MSc and a Ph.D. In chemistry from Oxford University, he is very intelligent and is the head of all missions. He reacts to most situations. Ali Imran is a situation maker, sometimes he sympathizes with people and in some places, he becomes a blackmailer. He has two trustworthy men. One is his bodyguard and the other is his servant. Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed.Diamond Blaster Imran Series Imran Series pdf download.

Saka Kara Imran Series Pdf Download

They are his most trusted companions who know about his actions. He is a very multi-faceted man with a lot of faces and no one knows his real face. Another character is the chief of the Free Intelligence Services. They mostly work together and fight their enemies. Ali Imran has a trained team for which people are ready to sacrifice their lives. Such a person is a career of his missions. After the death of Ibn Safi, many writers tried to write for the Imran series. Most of the time he shows his full character from the beginning. He shows Ali Imran as Superman. Man of all qualities and an invincible Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem 


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Saka Kara Imran Series download pdf 

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Saka Kara Imran Series pdf free download

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