Ubqari Magazine July 2023 Pdf

Ubqari Magazine July 2023

On this page of Pdf Free Books Pk, you can download and read online Ubqari Magazine July 2023 Pdf and share it with your friends who are searching for Ubqari Magazine Ubqari Wazifa for marriage. So, you've been itching to get your hands on the latest issue of Ubqari Magazine, haven't you? The wait is finally over. The July 2023 issue is here and packed with all the thought-provoking and inspiring content you've come to expect.

This month's edition covers all your favorite topics related to Islam, from current events and community stories to timeless lessons from the Qur'an. What hidden gems of knowledge and wisdom await you between the covers of this digest? The only way to find out & download your copy and dive right in. An ocean of insight and enlightenment awaits you, dear reader, in the pages of this magazine. The suspense is killing us - go ahead and quench your thirst for all things Ubqari!

Have you been waiting all month for the latest issue of Ubqari Magazine? Well, the Ubqari July 2023 edition is finally here and packed with thought-provoking articles on faith, society, and life.

In this issue, you'll find:

  • A discussion on strengthening your connection with the Quran through consistent recitation and reflection. Making the Quran a central part of your daily routine will enrich your spiritual life in profound ways.

  • An interview with an Islamic scholar on navigating difficulties and finding purpose. His insights on maintaining hope and patience during times of struggle are inspiring and relatable.

  • A feature on the importance of silence and solitude. Taking time each day to unplug from the noise and busyness, reflect, and recharge will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what really matters.

  • Profiles of contemporary Muslim leaders making a positive impact in their communities through social justice initiatives, interfaith partnerships, and youth outreach programs.

About Ubqari Magazine

Ubqari Magazine has been providing thought-provoking and inspiring Islamic content for over 30 years. Published monthly, each issue contains 200 pages examining the teachings of the Qur’an, the life of the Prophet (PBUH), and practical guidance for living the Muslim way of life in today’s world.

If you're looking to strengthen your faith and learn more about Islam, Ubqari is for you. Any issues you receive:

  • Commentary on verses of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

  • Biographies of Influential Muslims Who Shaped Islamic History

  • Advice for applying Islamic principles to daily life

  • Stories of faith and sacrifice from Islamic traditions

Ubqari Magazine appeals to all Muslims regardless of gender, age, or background. Whether you grew up Muslim or are new to the faith, Ubqari aims to educate and motivate. Published in a contemporary style with full-color photos and graphics, it brings the timeless teachings of Islam into the modern age.

Sheikh Ul Wazaif Biography

Sheik Ul Wazaif was a notable Islamic scholar, speaker, and writer. He was born in Lahore in 1960, Pakistan. Sheik Ul Wazaif devoted his life to the study of Islam and sharing his knowledge with others.

Sheik Ul Wazaif studied at the University of Punjab where he earned degrees in Islamic Studies and Arabic. He traveled all whole Pakistan and gave lectures on various aspects of Islam, such as the interpretation of the Quran, Hadith & mysticism of Islam.

Sheik Ul Wazaif was a prolific writer, publishing over 100 books on Islam during his lifetime. His books covered topics such as Dua (supplication), Wazaif (litanies), the names and attributes of Allah, and the lives of the Prophets. Many of his books were translated into the English language, making his teachings largely available.

Sheikh ul Wazaif was praised for his deep knowledge of Islam and his ability to understand complex religious concepts in a simple and uncomplicated manner He made the study of Islam accessible to both scholars and laypeople alike through his engaging speaking style and clearly written books. Sheik Ul Wazaif continued writing, teaching, and promoting Islamic knowledge up until his death in 2021.

Sheikh Ul Wazaif Books In Urdu

The Sheik Ul Wazaif books are a collection of Islamic prayers and supplications for every aspect of life. Originally these books were written in the Arabic language, but they have been translated into Urdu to make them more accessible.

  • The books contain Wazaif, which are special prayers and supplications for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. These prayers are meant to invoke the names of Allah and ask for his blessings and mercy.

  • There are Wazaif for marriage, having children, success, removing difficulties, protection from evil eye and black magic, and more. By reciting the appropriate Wazaif, Muslims believe one can find solutions to life's problems and achieve closeness to Allah.

  • The Sheik Ul Wazaif books provide the Arabic text of the Wazaif, along with the translation, transliteration, and instructions for recitation in Urdu. They serve as a useful guide for anyone wanting to incorporate these special supplications into their daily worship and reap their spiritual benefits.

  • With the help of these books, you can find the right Wazaif to recite for your particular need or desire. Many Muslims have found these petitions to be life-changing, as they help them connect with the Almighty and strengthen their faith.

The Sheik Ul Wazaif collection is an important resource for Muslims wanting to explore the power of Wazaif and see how these special prayers can transform their lives. By reciting them with sincerity and devotion, one can experience Allah's infinite mercy and grace.

Sheikh Ul Wazaif Quotes In English

Sheik ul Wazaif quotes are very famous in the Islamic world. His sayings inspire and guide Muslims to the right path of Islam. Some of his famous quotes in English are:

  • “Seeking happiness isn't the key to happiness, but seeking Allah in each way is. ”

  • Don’t judge people by strong human religion. Judge them by the sincerity of their submission.”

  • In the world solution to any problem is in only two great words: saber & dua means (patience) And (prayer).”

  • “Everyone thing you have is a blessing from Allah. Be grateful & He will give you much more.”

These quotes teach us many important lessons like being patient, being grateful to Allah for his blessings, not judging others, and sincerely submitting to Allah's will.

FAQs: Ubqari Magazine July 2023

Q: How Do I Contact Ubari?

A: There are several ways to contact them.

Email Address: info@ubqari.org

Social Media:

  • Facebook: @UbqariOfficial

  • Twitter: @UbqariOfficial

  • Instagram: @UbqariOfficial

  • YouTube: Ubqari Official

Q: What is the Account Number of Ubqari?

A: To facilitate financial transactions and subscriptions, Ubqari Magazine has an official bank account. This account number allows readers to pay for subscriptions or make donations conveniently.

You can find this information through the following steps:

Visit the official Ubqari Magazine website.

Look to the "Contact" or "Subscription" section.

Q: Who is the Founder of Ubqari Magazine?

A: Ubqari Magazine, a renowned publication dedicated to spiritual and holistic well-being, was founded by a visionary individual who believed in the power of faith and healing. Founder Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtai is a renowned spiritual master and healer who has dedicated his life to helping people achieve physical, mental, and spiritual harmony.

Q: What is Ubqari Wazaif?

A: Ubqari Wazaif refers to the set of spiritual practices and rituals mentioned in Ubqari Magazine that are believed to bring blessings, protection, and solutions to various aspects of life. These Wazaif encompass a broad range of prayers, recitations, and actions that aim to seek the blessings of the Almighty and seek relief from hardships.

Q: How Can I Find Ubqari Wazaif for Hajat in Urdu?

A: There are numerous resources available to access these Wazaif in the Urdu language.

Ubqari Magazine: The primary source of Ubqari Wazaif in Urdu is Ubqari Magazine itself. By subscribing to the magazine, readers gain access to an extensive collection of Wazaif written in Urdu, along with enlightening articles.

Ubqari Website: Ubqari Magazine also has a user-friendly website that provides digital access to their publications. This includes a dedicated section for Urdu Wazaif, where visitors can browse through a wide range of Wazaif available in the Urdu language.

Online Communities: Numerous online communities, forums, and social media groups exist where Ubqari readers actively share and discuss various Wazaif in the Urdu language.

Q: How to Connect with Sheikh Ul Wazaif Hakeem Tariq?

A: Here are a few ways to establish a connection with him:

Attend Spiritual Gatherings: Sheikh Ul Wazaif often conducts spiritual gatherings and sermons where individuals can listen to his valuable teachings and seek his spiritual guidance.

Submit Queries Online: Ubqari Magazine's website may offer a contact form or submission portal specifically for submitting queries or seeking guidance from Sheikh Ul Wazaif.


We hope you like the post-Ubqari Magazine July 2023 PDF and share it with your friends and family members who are looking for Ubqari Magazine July 2023. Ubqari Magazine, under the guidance of Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai, provides a wealth of spiritual knowledge, Wazaif, and guidance for individuals seeking a balanced and purposeful life.

Engaging with the magazine's resources, reaching out for support, and practicing the recommended Wazaif can lead to transformation and inner peace. If you wish to get more Ubqari Magazines, Urdu Novels, Urdu Books, History Books, History Novels, Islamic Books, Imran Series, and Tasawwaf Books in a single place. All interested users visit our official blog website https://www.pdffreebookspk.com/ and share it with your friends.

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