Shikast E Arzoo Novel Pdf Download

Shikast E Arzoo Novel Written by Prof Syed Sajjad Hussain Download Read Online


Shikast E Arzoo Novel pdf free download

About Author & Book:

Shikast E Arzoo Novel is written by Prof. Sajjad Hussain. This is a great book written in the context of the separation of East Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh. Prof. Sajjad Hussain narrates many incidents of that time, which he witnessed with his own eyes. He explained the reasons for the fall of Dhaka and the conspiracy of the enemies behind it.

Professor Sajjad Hussain was an educator, historian, and author in Bangladesh. He authored some of the best books on history in his career and this book is one of them. Moreover, he analyzed the role of different people in the fall of Dhaka.

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Shikast e arzoo Novel pdf download

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Shikast E Arzoo Novel pdf download

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Shikast E Arzoo Novel pdf free download

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